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Carolina Dental Group strives to provide lifetime care to our patients, because oral health is integral to overall health. Our philosophy is to provide care that will be in your best interest now and in the years to come so you have a smile that will last a lifetime!

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Custom-made to straighten your teeth, Invisalign® clear aligners are nearly invisible and made of a proprietary, multi-layer SmartTrack material, which gently shifts your teeth into place over time.

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A crown is a dental cap that completely covers a severely damaged tooth and restores your tooth's appearance and functionality. Crowns come in a variety of materials to suit your particular needs. This restorative dental procedure not only improves your teeth's aesthetic appearance, but also helps prevent bone loss and improves the overall health of your smile.

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Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing teeth and improve both your appearance and oral health. They can be made to closely resemble your natural teeth and may even help fill out the appearance of your face and profile. Dentures help maintain a healthy bite as well as prevent bone loss and gum disease.

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About Us

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Welcome to Carolina Dental Group of Greenville, South Carolina!

Why Choose Us?

The Carolina Dental Group team has been caring for smiles since 2001. We offer advanced, conservative dental treatment that improves oral health, restores function, and ensures you have a smile you love. Our commitment is to you and your family’s comfort, happiness, and dental health. We want to form a long-term partnership with you, working toward the shared goal of optimal oral health and a lifetime of healthy smiles.

At Carolina Dental Group, our focus is always on what’s best for you. Our doctors recommend preventive care, so you can keep your teeth for life. When issues are present, they use minimally invasive techniques, ensuring your smile’s health for years to come.

Our Team

Your smile is in good hands! Our dentist, hygienists, and technicians here at Carolina Dental Group have the education and experience to meet all your oral health needs. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of dental care through on-going training and continuing education in the latest techniques and equipment.

Our Philosophy

Because oral health is integral to overall health we strive to provide comprehensive, lifetime care to the Greenville, South Carolina area. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your immediate needs and establish preventative dental care that ensures your smile will last a lifetime!

Our Atmosphere

At Carolina Dental Group, we designed our office with our patients in mind. By combining a calm atmosphere with the latest technology, we have created a place where patients in Greenville, South Carolina receive the level of dental care they need and deserve. The moment you walk in our front door, our team will make you feel comfortable, secure and well cared for. We understand that many people feel anxious about visiting the dentist, but you can be assured that your comfort is our top priority.

Dental Services at Carolina Dental Group

Restorative Dentistry

Are you experiencing a toothache? Have you chipped or broken a tooth? Do you need a professional dental examination to find the cause of your pain? At Carolina Dental Group we offer a comprehensive suite of restorative procedures from filling a cavity to applying a crown. Our highly trained hygienists and dentists will conduct a thorough exam and consult with you on the results in order to determine the most effective, affordable, and comfortable treatment.

Corrective Dental Services

You may be unhappy about the spacing or misalignment of your teeth, but perhaps you have delayed taking action because of the unpleasant prospect of traditional metal braces.  We have the solution for you! Carolina Dental Group is proud to provide Invisalign clear aligners – the wildly popular innovation in orthodontic care that was designed to fit the needs of the modern dental patient. Invisalign corrects your smile with a series of custom-crafted clear aligners that gradually shift your teeth into proper position without the everyday drawbacks of metal braces. The aligners are comfortable, convenient and nearly invisible.  Invisalign aligners are easily removed when needed, allowing you to engage in activities such as playing sports or enjoying your favorite foods and drinks. Working adults are able to maintain a professional appearance and enjoy the dramatic improvement of properly aligned teeth without feeling self-conscious. Invisalign Teen is specially designed to complement your adolescent patient's lifestyle, which also encourages their enthusiastic participation in a way that metal braces simply can't match.

Cosmetic Dental Care

Our dental team is ready to give you a smile that looks as good as it feels. Our dental team is skilled at improving smiles through cosmetic dentistry. We offer Philips Zoom! and KöR® Whitening teeth whitening as well as Lumineers® veneers. 

Teeth Whitening

Over time, your teeth's natural whiteness can fade or become discolored as the result of diet, personal habits, or simply getting older. However, the teeth whitening procedures we offer here at Carolina Dental Group can restore the brilliance of your smile. The KöR, Opalescence™, and Zoom! teeth whitening treatments each have a proven track record of delivering dramatic results in a short amount of time. We also offer a treatment system that you can take home and administer yourself if in-office treatments don't work with your schedule.  Depending on your needs and preferences, the dental team at Carolina Dental Group will help you choose which treatment system will deliver the best results for your particular situation.

Innovative Technology for Dental Care

We utilize the most advanced, up-to-date technology in order to diagnose and treat dental problems with the highest level of accuracy and effectiveness. You no longer have to deal with time-consuming, uncomfortable traditional dental x-rays. Instead, we use non-invasive, painless equipment to instantly produce high-resolution dental images and x-rays that allow our dentist to identify problems such as tooth decay, worn enamel, gum disease, or micro-fractures that would normally remain undetectable and untreated.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects the way you breathe while sleeping – often leading to frequent, loud snoring. Specifically, this is instigated when the soft tissue in the back of your throat relaxes while you sleep, causing interruptions in breathing. These interruptions usually last between 10 to 20 seconds and can occur up to hundreds of times a night. Sleep apnea is typically more prevalent in males, smokers, and the elderly; it can also cause a wide range of problems from sleep disturbance to more serious health issues; however, with advances in dental devices, this condition can now be treated and controlled.


A dental crown is a "cap" that is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. A crown might be needed to protect a decayed tooth from more damage, to restore an already broken tooth, to hold a dental bridge in place or to cover a severely discolored tooth. Crowns offer long-term durability, protection from decay and cracking, and an improved, natural appearance. A crown may be right for you if...

  • you have chipped or broken teeth that are immediately visible as soon as the dental array is revealed. This situation could cause a gap in your teeth that requires a surface replacement.
  • you have undergone a root canal that requires a significant portion of the tooth to be removed to make way for the support structure and the cleaning process.
  • you have weak and damage-prone teeth.
  • you have a tooth that is severely discolored.

Emergency Dental Care in Greenville, South Carolina

Abscesses, tooth decay, infected gums, cavities, and other oral health problems can be incredibly uncomfortable, and we are here to treat dental issues that just can't wait for your regular check-up. Whether you're suffering from a painful cavity, cracked tooth, or a loose filling, please don't hesitate to give Carolina Dental Group in  Greenville, South Carolina a call! Research shows periodontal problems can potentially elevate the risk for other health issues, including diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease. Your health and comfort are our first priority. If you are in the Greenville, South Carolina area and experiencing serious oral pain, call Carolina Dental Group directly at 864-288-6404 and one of our team members will schedule a consultation with you during our regular business hours.

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Our team members look forward to welcoming you and your family to our dental family. We’d love to help you attain your healthiest, most beautiful smile. Call us today at 864-288-6404 to schedule an appointment for your comprehensive dental care.

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